Otto Carius - Tigers in the Mud 


This is an unauthorized fan scanlation. The original work is copyright 1998-1999 by Hayao MIYAZAKI, Model Graphix/Dai Nippon Kaiga, and/or other appropriate copyright holders.

Since my Japanese is only slightly better than my Chinese, this scanlation is based on the fan translation by Maki Kamimura, edited by Tom Wilkes and Marc Gregory. I've changed a few expressions here and there when I've considered it appropriate.

I decided to make a scanlation because, well, it's much nicer to read a translation in the comic itself. And Tigers in the Mud is one of the very best comics in the world involving pigs and tanks. The other one is The Return of Hans (see links section). 

I haven't translated the sound effects in the first three episodes. The selfish reason for that is that it would have involved a lot of work. The aesthetic reason is that I can't make sound effects in the Latin alphabet look as nice as Miyazaki's katakana sound effects. Finally, the pedagogical reason is that reading sound effects is a fun way of learning to read Japanese (at least katakana)! Yes, kids, let's all bring our katakana tables and start learning!! \(^@^)/ (For a katakana table, try Shinji Takasugi's Teach Yourself Japanese.)
From the fourth episode onwards, I did transliterate the sound effects (leaving the original katakana sound effects in the pictures), because working on this comic was so nice and soothing compared to what I do for money that I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible.


The episodes finished so far: 
(Get CDisplay to read them in a nice way, even without having to unpack them!)

Read from right to left!

Episode 1
- 6 pages, 2.8 MB zip file

Episode 2 - 5 pages, 2.3 MB zip file

Episode 3 - 6 pages, 2 MB zip file

Episode 4 - 4 pages, 1.6 MB zip file

Episode 5 - 6 pages
Apparently a real scanlation group did pick up Otto Carius! So far they have only released episode 5 ... I wonder who will finish episode 6 first, me or them?
Otto Carius episode 5 by Rabbit Reich and Delinquent-Manga



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Text based translations of Otto and Hans by Maki Kamimura, edited by Tom Wilkes and Marc Gregory

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My own comics, some of which involve pigs, too ...


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